Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today is a busy day. Joey is very excited he can make it in the math contest. When we were in hospital, nurses and doctors asked him what his favorite subject is, he always said math. Today both 3rd and 4th graders took the same test and the top 12 would be awarded. When he came out, he said, "I think I got it all correct." I actually talked to Luke before. We think we have a concerited boy. He is like this all the time. Before any contest, running, violin, math, he always says he will win the first prize even though he is very clear his friend is much better than him. It turned out he won the 12th place. He is so happy, "At least, I have a trophy!" This is him. He forgot what he predicted right away.

We went to Chinese school after the math contest. I teach Joey's 3rd grade Chinese. I miss kids in the class. They are wonderful children coming to school every Saturday when their friends might enjoy weekend with family. I try to make the class fun and let them believe it worthy to spend two hours with me on Saturday. Today's lesson is a classic Chinese story about an old man in ancient time who was determined to move two mountains in front of his house by digging the dirt away every day. I aksed them, "Do you think he can make it?" Joey said, "Yes, with God's help!" After reading the text, I asked them what they figured out from the story. Joey said, "Hang in there, never give up!" Aother kid said, "Trust yourself." At that moment, I was thinking: sweetheart, that is exactly what I want from you.
Parent in the class brought a cake with Joey's name on it. Children in Joey's music class brought flowers, balloon and card. We have a wonderful community in Chinese school. Thank you, my friends! 


  1. Joey is the greatest kid I have ever seen.

  2. Angus Colbert told me about his friend and asked if I would pray for him and help donate for Joey's medical care. God Bless y'all. Way to go with your Math and origami Joey!

  3. Go Joey!
    Impossible itself says "I'm possible!".
    You can win this battle!
    --Cici mom, from smallhangbighand

  4. Congratulations Joey! Way to go.