Sunday, July 14, 2013


Joey had the happiest two weeks with his friend Mingkuan. The boy flew all the way from China with mom to see him. He had the best time ever since the diagnosis and so did I.
I never see two 9-year-olds can be this childish. They can sit there and do nothing but tell silly jokes for an hour, rapping or rhyming in Chinese. They share their "junk" from their treasure box. They even dance Gangnam Style frantically. Joey would rather skip all his camps to spend time with his friend.
Mom is also my good friend. Her personality, her story and her love for her child inspire me. She encourages me to escape from the endless pains and worries, living a normal life, for Joey, for David and for this family. How I wish Mingkuan and mom can stay here forever. 
Gator stadium
Bat house
Farmers market
Kennedy Space Center
Disney Waterpark 


Walking to the future
 The night before they left, Mingkuan cried. Joey pretended he was not sad. The next day, they said good-bye and hugged. After they left, Joey kept saying," I don't want him to go." Then he asked, "When can I see him again?"
Dear Lord, thank you for wonderful friends. Thank you for the precious time Joey had with Mingkuan. I pray that you can give him more days, months, years to be with his friend. I pray that you can give his friend an opportunity to witness how he wins this battle. I pray that these two boys will grow into two fine young men supporting and loving each other. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.