Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We flew to Cincinnati two days before the surgery. When the airplane took off, I couldn’t help crying. Cincinnati, will you be my hope?

On the way, I don’t know why I kept thinking about my kids in the culture class. I missed them. Each one of them has their story. When people they trust most give up on them, they didn’t give up. They managed to survive against all odds. They put up a good fight against their destiny. Joey, I want you to have that spirit. Mommy will be with you to fight no matter how long the fight will be. 
On April 15th, almost one month after the tumor was found, Joey had the nephrectomy. Doctor told us it would be 8-12 hours long and the major risk is bleeding. The hard part is not the kidney, but how to separate the tumors from the lymph nodes in abdomen. 
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital ranks 3rd in this country among children’s cancer hospitals. They have strong research in the field of pediatric cancers. Surgeons are familiar with nephrectomy. We pray that Joey will be in good hands. 
We arrived at the surgery zone at 5:30am and Joey was pushed into the operation room at 7:30am. I had thought I was ready to face this. But when I thought of my boy lying alone on the cold operation table, I couldn’t help crying in the waiting area. Oh, how I wish I could get the surgery for him. 
Joey and Dad before the surgery
Every one and half hours, nurse updated us about the situation in the operation room. Joey was doing well. He didn’t cry a tear and he smiled to the nurses and doctor. Five hours passed and the kidney was still not taken out. It was slow because doctor need to figure out the safest way to take out kidney and separate tumors. 
While we were waiting, TV showed the terrifying picture of Boston Marathon blast. Why? There are people in the world fighting for their lives. There are cowards taking away people’s lives. 
Eight hours of anxiety, eight hours of fear and eight hours of prayer…Finally surgeon came out and talk to us. The surgery went well and they were able to take out all the tumors in his tummy. He got two units of blood transfusion. My brave boy, never cried a tear.


  1. I am crying after reading this, children have a way of teaching us what it means to have courage. I am not surprised how well he did Karhy, he is a remarkable boy and has REMARKABLE parents! I wish I could hug you after reading this! God bless each of you, your journey through this has tremendous meaning and I am so honored to share even a small part of it. Love to you all!

  2. Kathy - we keep you all in our prayers and think of you every day. Thank God the surgery went well. What a brave boy you have. I cannot imagine what you are going through You have been so strong. Big hugs! We send our love. Kaylee misses you.

  3. Kathy, How proud I am of Joey being such a brave boy! I hope his recovery goes well in Cincinnati and that you will all be home in Gainesville in 10 days. Keep us posted in the blog.

  4. What a brave young man. Send Joey my love. I look forward to seeing him again in Math class.
    Ms. Corbin

  5. He is a brave young man adn very glad to know his surgery went well. We are praying for his recovery.