Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome home

8 days after the surgery, Joey is ready to go home. He lost 4 pounds from 10 days of fast. He is tiny. I joked with him that maybe the tumors (about 20 removed from tummy) and kidney weigh 2lbs. On the way, I asked him who he wants to see most. He said Addie (our dog). And he said what he wants to eat most is icecream.
When we arrived home, Joey got a surprise welcome from his friends from Boyscourts! They decorated the door. I saw a big smile in his face. He read out loud the names of his friends from the Den. He missed them so much.
Joey will have a pet scan next week. I worry about radiation. Pet scan produces strong radiation to children. But we don't have other option. He will start the medication when he recovers. One side effect of that drug is to make the wound crack. So he needs to wait.


  1. welcome back! What a lovely big smile Joey has! I love his smile! Take care of you all. Mom and dad, you are great too!

  2. So many good things! Rest easy about that scan, he needs it and he will be okay! We have patients getting them every 6 months and without adverse effects. Always praying for you and look forward to seeing you again!

  3. That was some pretty spectacular welcome home!