Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More tumors

Life hurts. It keeps hurting us more and more. Joey went through all the tests, blood test, urine test, radiology, MRI, CT scan. They found another tumor in the lymph node in his neck. They took out the tumor from his neck, which is 2cm big and did the biopsy. All these tell me his cancer already spread to faraway place in his body. They called it Stage IV and metastatic. 

Why? I asked God. Please give us mercy! Please don’t give me more than what I can handle. Please stop the tumors spreading in his tiny body. I could do anything for your glory. Please tell me what should I do? If I could switch, please give me all his tumors. If I could switch, I could give him my kidneys. I pray you cure him, you comfort us, you give us the strength. 
Luke, who doesn’t believe in any religion, was reading Bible every night. He is searching for answers. Why terrible things happened to good people? We are hardworking and loving parents. I’m a “green” mom, feeding him organic food as often as I could. I threw all his Halloween candies to the trash can in front of him and I bring him to Mcdonald’s maybe once or twice a year. Why? What might go wrong? During the pregnancy, I didn’t watch TV or use microwave and I ate healthy. I even wore that radiation-resistant apron which is popular in China. Why my Lord, why give me such challenge?

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