Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am thankful I have wonderful friends supporting me through this tough time. My Chinese friends cooked the meals, brought bakery item and comforted me. Parents of kids in my Chinese culture class gave me great strength. They brought toys, goodies, cards to Joey and their kid to play with Joey while he is in hospital. Some of them who have medical background educated me how to handle the stress. They came to the hospital to be with me while the doctor talked to me. Their constant care and encouragement and spiritual support carried me through. Joey’s friends from Boyscouts came to play Lego with him. His violin teacher loved him so much and she was upset and cried when she thought of Joey. Parents in the same violin group sent him science kit. Joey was spoiled with many new toys. 
Kids in my culture class visit Joey in the hospital

Joey playing thanks
A friend sent me this Bible verse. 
“We are hard pressed on all sides, but we are not crushed; 
Perplexed, but not in despair; 
Persecuted, but not abandoned; 
Struck down, but not destroyed. 
We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus 
So that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our mortal body.” 
2 Corinthians 4:9-10 
I read it every night before I went to bed and every morning after I woke up. 
My mom is a very strong lady. She helped with cooking, watching baby and comforting me. She is very firm believing this should not be the story of her grandson. Luke is a quiet research guy and he doesn’t have many friends to talk to. So I sent him the emails my friend sent to me. Joey’s cancer definitely put us closer together, every one of us. 
A parent of Joey’s school helped to set up an account for Joey. People lend their hands to help us financially. My dear Chinese friends, far away from us in California, set up an account for Joey under Chinese Mutual Aid International Network, so they can get match from business. They sent me information of medicine of cancer, recipes, therapies, etc. I want to thank all my friends for your help and support and those we never meet before but send us emails and even money. We have a long battle to fight and I know I’m not alone. Cancer doesn’t define Joey, but how he fights cancer defines him. We are doubled bless with your care and love.

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