Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's help Joey

I put up this blog so that friends of Joey and his family can easily donate to an account set up to benefit him online. Joey and his family have been dealing with a health issue that is requiring them to travel for treatment. Any donations will be used by the family to offset costs associated with Joey's diagnosis, such as medical costs, travel and accommodations.

Joey's mother has requested that we not discuss his condition with our children. At this point you can simply tell them that he is having surgery. Please respect her wishes!

If you prefer to donate in person, you can go to any Wells Fargo bank and make a deposit in person. Just fill out a deposit slip, from either the drive-thru or the lobby, and fill it out with the following information:

Name: Joey Xu
account # : 5970640040*

*In case you're concerned, we've consulted with Wells Fargo to confirm that it's safe to post this information.

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