Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oral chemotherapy

Joey has been on oral chemotherapy drug for 3 weeks now. It's a small capsule once a day. The immune system won't be down too much as the conventional chemo, so he can go to school and do things normally as before. 
On Saturday, he had a fever. I freaked out. He has been coughing and has stuffy nose for a couple of days. I dread fever may come. I know a fever could be dangerous during chemo. I called the oncologist right away and we were at the ER 30 minutes later. Because he has a port in his body, they need to find out if it's line infection, blood infection or flu. After blood work, urine test, X-ray and nasal swab test, it turned out to be flu. The oncologist gave us the presciption of 2 Tamiflu pills a day for 5 days.
At ER after a fever

I always bring with me names of drug Joey can't take because he has only one kidney and also names of those might interact with his chemo pill. I checked with the ER doctor and the oncologist and they said Tamiflu is fine and he needs it. Four hours later, we were at the CVS. I double checked with the pharmacist and showed him all the names of drug hard on kidney. He said immediately, "then I would suggest one Tamiflu a day, not two." He paused a second then said," If it's my child, I would not use Tamiflu with him. It doesn't worth the risk." "Why?" I asked. "A flu is a flu. All the studies show Tamiflu only shortens the flu one day." But the ER doctor and oncologist know about Joey's situation and recommended it. I asked the pharmacist to call ER to make sure. He came back saying the doctor recommended at least one capsule a day.
Now what should I do? Take it or not take it? The instinct tells me not to take it and Luke's first reaction is also not to take it. In these two months, the biggest thing I have learned from other parents is that you have to be your child's advocate. If your gut tells you something isn't right, don't stop when a Dr. downplays it. A mom once told me that doctors do not know everything. You know your child far better than they ever can. There is a difference between paranoid worry and instinct. 
But at what point I need to trust my instinct and when I need to trust Dr. I follow mommy instinct to choose an oncologist, a treatment plan, and which drug he needs. What if my instinct is wrong?
I went home googling the interaction of Tamiflu and the chemo pill. I actually found a study about interaction of these two drugs. After reading that study, we decided to not to give him Tamiflu. But I was scared.
The fever was gone the next day, which surprised me since it's a flu. We had a quiet long weekend and Joey went to school on Tuesday.  
I pray everyday that God gives us guidance that we can make right decision for him.


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