Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Joey finished first month of oral chemo pill and is now on two weeks of break. His face looks yellowish, which is to be expected. Another adult patient who is taking the same pill warned me that the hair would turn to white some day, even the eyebrows, just as his. That weird picture popped up in my head, but was gone quickly. Life is too busy to think too much ahead.
I feel a little bit relaxed thinking he is on two weeks off the toxic drug. In these two weeks, I can give him supplement that I won't worry too much about the interaction. 
All the tumors in Joey's body are in the lymphnodes. I kept thinking about if there is anything, either exercise, message or acupuncture, can help to make his lymphatic system healthy. I googled every day, hoping to find something. To my surprise, I found it! The best exercise for the lymph system is rebounding
"Lymph nodes are like holding stations that filter the lymph fluid. Every day we are bombarded with toxins in our environment and in our food which is why detoxification is such a critical process in your body. If the detox process is hindered, toxins will build up in your body eventually causing acidity and toxemia. These are the root causes of nearly all disease. One of the lesser talked about benefits of exercise is that it moves your lymphatic fluid, which promotes detoxification in your body. Rebounding creates an increased gravitational load and positively stresses every cell in your body. As a result, it strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system and it promotes lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in your lymphatic system."
Then I kept searching to see if this is just media hype. I read many cancer survival testimony and saw the word rebounding again and agian. I figured since so many natural survivors and health practitioners were doing rebounding, it worths a try.
We can't afford a rebounder, so I bought a trampoline from walmart. Joey loves it! He is always a jumper. Classmates call him jumping Joey.

I love to see him jump. The house is full of energy, because of Joey.


  1. 最好放在室外或者通风,这样运动时可以有更多氧气。

  2. Kathy,
    Thanks for updating this. It won't be easy for you. I am from bighandsmallhand. You don't know me,but I bookmarked this blog to keep seeing Joey's recovery. Admire you strong and supportive as a mother, also admire Joey as a real warrior!
    Pray for your family though i am not a christian!Hope everything goes smoothly with Joey and your family!
    Please take care of yourself also! Mom always accpomany kids hand in hand.

    Best Wish,
    A friend from bighandsmallhand

  3. Thank you, my friends. It is his energy, his spirit and his smile keep me going everyday. We put the trampoline at the porch. So he can see all the living things (birds, squirrels) around him while jumping.

  4. 你这一贴也让我去研究了一下rebounder.以前从来没想过是个锻炼的好方法。 也有点动心给自己买一个。



  5. Great pictures, Kathy! Glad he has this to enjoy and it is good for his health too!

  6. 看到土土充满活力的样子,我很受鼓舞,为你们祈福,希望一切都是向好的方向发展!