Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's our third trip to Cincinnati. We decide to travel there every time when Joey needs a scan. I am extremly anxious when the day comes. But Joey is excited. He just enjoys flights and hotel. I often wonder, "Does he ever worry about the scan?" He never mention a word about it. Instead, he is looking forward to the icecream. Cincy has best icecream in the country.
Got CT and MRI the first day. The appointment with the oncologist is in the morning the next day. I couldn't wait until the appointment. I felt myself almost running to the radiology department. Filled out a form to get a copy of everything. Printer was printing out the report. That printer was the slowest one I ever saw. The girl gave me 3 pages of report. I grabbed and read it. I could hear my heart. I was looking for the words I had been praying for every day. Praise Lord, I saw it. Decreased in size. I read those words one more time and compared the measurement. It's not a significant decrease, but all his tumor shrank. I could breathe now.
I ran out of the room and tossed the report to Luke. "I don't want to read the rest of it. I only know tumors shrink. Please circle those you don't understand and ask Dr. later." I was scared to read more because I don't want to see anything suspicous. Joey was playing games and didn't hear us. When Luke told him the result, he looked at me and said,"mom, you don't need to cry this time."
We saw Joey's oncologist and he is satisfied with the result. Joey will continue the drug until the scan 12 weeks later. Scan, scan, scan. I hate it so much. But we don't have other option.
For 6 months, we finally have something positive. It's not a huge one, but significant enough for us to celebrate. God bless my boy. May Him have mercy on us.
On the way back home, we went to the best icecream shop in Cincy. Joey was content.


  1. 我的妈呀!真是好消息!太开心了!马上发到大小手上去!!亲爱的土土,我们都很想你。


  2. Dear Kathy, I am so happy for you - you and joey are always in our thoughts!

  3. Forgot to write that this is Rainbowfriend.

  4. 太为你们高兴了! 土土的勇敢,好心态一定能让他赢了这场战争的!!

  5. 太为你们高兴了! 真为土土跟土土妈开心!希望土土早日恢复健康!


  6. Praise God! May His blessings be with you!
    May Joey's tunmor continue to shrink.


  7. I can feel the joy you had because I feel the same. Hope everything will get well. Li Fang(buba)

  8. Happy to see this good news.
    It is helpful to whole family and your exertion gets more payback!
    I will pray for you family.
    BTW, be good to yourself and your husband and cherish everyday without pressure.

  9. 太棒了!这只是好消息的开端,意味着进入了拐点。我也有一个好消息,我爸爸也好些了,“拐点”是他说的,精神的力量非常巨大。希望明年,一切都恢复常态。

  10. So, so, so very HAPPY to hear this news!!! I just want to hug you all! We will pray that those tumors continue to shrink. Would love it if you came back to West Ridge so we could all pray over him again. We love Joey and your family!

  11. 你的一切努力终于得到回报了,希望奇迹一直出现,希望土土快快康复。Meggie

  12. I love that he is so completely who he is- a happy boy. Kids don't focus on what the future might hold and truly live in the moment. It made me smile that he is so happy to travel, stay in a hotel (Ellis is the same way) and have the best ice cream. I'm late posting this comment, but this was one of the best days ever-learning that his cancer has responded to the treatment :)