Monday, September 2, 2013


I love love this photo by my talented friend. It looks like an oil painting. Use my friend's words:
this is a shot of Joey, a dear friend of my family, who is fighting cancer. The background is made from a flower vendor stall in NYC, and a few other bits. In making Joey partially translucent here, the intention is to show that the colors of imagination and strength which are inside him have a way of shining out and painting the world around him. he not yet ten years old, and he is already my teacher.
Joey loves to play colors too. I enjoy looking at his paintings, full of life, energy, vibration and beauty.
He loves his first oil painting of garden so much and asked me to put it into a frame.
Life and freedom
shapes and colors
He likes to use bright colors, through which I see his passion and boldness, just like his personality. I actually wish he could draw a picture of himself in the future, at a graduation ceremony, a wedding, even with children. I need that image so much. I want to embed that image into my head, so I won't feel fear the first thing when I wake up in the morning and let that fear empty me the rest of the day.
Just like my friend says, imagination is the power, no matter how old you are. I want this power to lead my life. If I don't have it right now, I need to create it, with my boy.


  1. I Like his garden parinting so much. It's so beautiful and he is so talented. He will be fine!

  2. I like his painting very much!

  3. Love Joe's paintings! He is such a talented boy.
    I still remember him as the little boy who made Maya laugh so hard on our way to the mountain.

    Wish Joe all the best!!!!!!!

  4. How I miss those days of no worries!

  5. 好些天没有来这里,你贴了这么多好东西,画得太好了!