Saturday, August 17, 2013

100-wishes quilt

In the mist of worries, anxieties and fear after Joey's recent scan, we received the most precious gift from friends and people we never met. One hundred family and friends donate a piece of fabric each along with a written wish for Joey. The quilter, a lady from New York, put all the squares (there are actually 120) into a gorgeous quilt. My friend, who came up with this idea, put the fabric samples and wishes into an album. There are quote, joke, Bible verse, poem, a saying or a wish from the heart.
When we opened up the quilt, everyone was amazed by the beauty and workmanship. Joey saw violin, gator, Chinese characters, panda, Chinese food, soccer...all things he loves. The back of the quilt is dragon, which is symbol of strength, good luck and wisdom. Joey can't wait to check out the fabric and wishes in the album by his friends. He read the album the whole night.

No words can express my thanks for people who made great efforts in this quilt. It lifted up the spirit of the whole family. When I feel down, I read the album. When I am worried, this quilt becomes my cozy comfort. May the luck, energy and good wishes from all the families and friends who contributed to the quilt surround Joey. 

Life is bitter sweet. 


  1. The whole world is blessing. Go! Joey!

  2. It's so touched when I read these. There are so many good people in the world to support you and God is blessing you. You will be fine, Joey! Be strong and continue to be happy. Happiness can cure everything. At least you don't feel any uncomfortable. You will be this way for a while (feel good but looks bad on scan), then the images will also show that you become normal. This is my wish.

    1. 看,是不是我说的话应验了?

  3. How truly happy I am that this quilt is a source of comfort for all of you!! We love you all very kuch!

  4. Kathy, Joey and family it was my extreme pleasure to make this quilt for him. I just knew that it would be well loved. Knowing the symbolism of the dragon, I knew it would be perfect for the back. The quilt stitching reminds me of the spikes of the dragon's tail. With ever hour and every stitch I put all my hope and wishes for a recovery and a long, happy life. Big giant hugs to each and every one of you.

  5. Be patient, Miracle also needs time and effort. Hug!